years ago while i was going to school i worked at a tex-mex restaurant.  i remember when my friend michael told me i should work there, he said it was like family.   you could come and go, they’d always take you back.  many people i worked with there did become family, some have been lost since then.  all of them are close to my heart.  i only worked there one year, quit for a few months, came back in time to attend the christmas party, and quit again a few months later.

i think it may have been my first day, one of the managers started calling me guapa.  then they all called me guapa and it just stuck.

7 years later, everyone has moved on.   when i run into them when visiting, they still call me guapa.   they introduce me to other people as guapa.  it used to be kind of embarrassing, but now i don’t mind.


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