brown rice fast: day one

i had planned to start my 3-day brown rice fast yesterday with the new moon and new year, but i had one leaf of chard left and tofu that wouldn’t be so great by the end of the week.  i cooked them up last night for dinner with carrots, onions, wakame, and brown rice.  made a tahini-tamari-dill dressing too.  had the left overs for breakfast and a snack, and it will be just brown rice for the next three days.  (and maybe some ginger)  we’ll see how it goes.  tried it last year at the end of winter and only lasted a day.

easing into it for sure.  a couple of reasons i decided to do it now are:  i’m due for cleansing and i’ve noticed lines on my toe nails indicating i’m a little malnourished.  i think it’s from too much gluten, so after the 3-day brown rice fast i’m going to continue with no gluten.  why aren’t there amazing gluten-free bagels in new york?!  i think eventually i can reintroduce it in small amounts.

i know i’m due for a cleansing because, well, i know what i’ve been digesting the last few months.   the holidays were off the hook.  when i finished you are all sanpaku a couple weeks ago, i thought as soon as the new moon, i’m doing a brown rice fast.    at the end he talks about the yin and yang of urine and bowel movements.  so i’ve been paying attention to mine ( they have been yin,  not surprising).  i remember how much my skin, teeth, and nails changed after eating 3 macro meals/day for 5 days.   although my condition was much different then, i know there will be noticeable changes with the fast.   if i can do it more than 3 days, i might.  not ready for a 10-day fast, nor do i think it’s necessary right now.


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