brown rice fast: day two

i woke up this morning with more energy than usual, but not hungry.  after a shower, i had a one cup of kukicha and checked email before heading off to work stopping on the way to pick up more brown rice (organic, short grain–because it’s winter).  i knew i wouldn’t want to go after work because i’d be starving and ready to get home.

i snacked on a few bites an hour or so into the workday, as soon as i felt hungry.  i told one of my co-workers that i am doing a brown rice fast when he mentioned he was going to chipotle for a burrito.  “why?!” he freaked in a fun-i-love-working-with-him way.  this was after 10 minutes of talking about food.  you’d think i’d be drooling, but i wasn’t.   i think he asked why i was punishing myself.  lol.  it doesn’t feel like punishment at all.   punishment would be having to eat instant ramen noodles.  or mcdonald’s.  speaking of which, when i got on the E train this morning, i could smell mcdonald’s.  the obese man sitting in front of where i was standing had a bag in his lap and some sort of egg and bacon sandwich in his hand with crumbs on his face.  it’s difficult not to think about what that food is doing inside his already overworked body while he’s eating it right in front of me.

today was much easier than the first day i tried the brown rice fast about a year ago.  i think it’s mostly because i’m excited to see what happens.  i’m not attached to the outcome.  last time it was like, omg i have to get through this for three days.  i’m not known for self-discipline.  this time around i’m focusing on my breath and how i feel as i go forward.   i’m having fun with it.   my body does feel better, i feel full of life.   i even noticed it was easier to sit with straight posture.  people tell me all the time i have good posture, but i slouch sometimes.

made a big pot of rice when i got home.  put a little ginger and gomasio in it.  i always forget to add the sea salt when i start cooking it, so it joined the last 5 minutes.   i have energy, feel full and happy about the work the rice is doing inside my intestines and to my blood.

i did have a small glass of water after dinner and about to make a second cup of kukicha.

tomorrow should be pretty easy i hope.   i am working from home in the morning, volunteering in the afternoon, and going to a lecture in the evening.  rice balls.  i’ll make them in the morning and take them with me.


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