brown rice fast: day three

today i’m focusing on chewing.  i don’t count, but i chew until there’s barely anything left to chew.  i feel grounded.  my body feels lighter, not bloated.  while i can’t wait to eat mochi and other food again, i’m content with just brown rice.  still doesn’t feel like punishment.

since yesterday i’ve felt like i’m tripping.  the interwebs are a little intense.  it’s been nice listening to music, writing, and watching this series about food.  last night i watched some animal planet.  did a little stretching and yoga movement.  tomorrow that’s what i want to do first thing in the morning.  should be a nice way to wake up.

i’m not sure how i’ll feel tomorrow, but right now i feel like i could do this several more days.

a drank too much tea today though.  it’s only 4:30 and i’ve already peed 3 times.  and i’m not someone who pees a lot normally.  got to take it easy on the kidneys.


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