cooking like crazy

i’ve been cooking like crazy.  i hosted a dinner party last weekend that everyone loved.  there were 8 of us.  i made rice balls (some covered in black sesame seeds, some regular sesame seeds, and experimented covering some with chia seeds), sushi (no fish–steamed carrots and broccoli, radish sprouts, avocado+homemade soy sauce made by my roommate’s mother for dipping), ume pickled cabbage, steamed daikon and daikon greens in tamari (thanks verne varona for the idea).  one of my roommates made miso soup with homemade miso, my other roommate made mexican chocolate cookies, and one friend brought gluten free macaroons (because he’s awesome).  too bad nobody took any pictures!

yesterday, i decided i wanted to do something with the leek and cannellini beans i have lingering in the kitchen.  after a quick trip to the store, i came home to my beautifully sunlit apartment and made soup.  i added shitake, broccoli, daikon matchsticks, leftover brown rice, and chickpea miso.  it needed more salt, but otherwise, it was pretty good.  well, i don’t know if it was good, but it was certainly edible.  (last week when i put the cannellini beans on the stove to cook, i walked away while i was waiting for the water to boil and scorched them…so this experiment i consider a success.)

i also made some more sushi, this time no avocado.  😦   it’s such an easy on-the-go meal.  made some more rice balls too.  it’s nice to have already prepared food on hand.

oh, and i steamed parsnips.  really love their sweetness.  and they’re so easy!  all of it was easy.

the only thing i’m cooking today is some buckwheat for breakfast.  i haven’t had it in awhile because i forgot to pick up almond milk and walnuts last time i was at the store.

having another dinner party in a couple of weeks for my birthday.  haven’t decided on a menu yet, but i’ll definitely take some photos.


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