i saw a little 10-year old girl get hit by a car yesterday on my street.  i saw the whole thing happen.  she was running across the street.  the car honked, slammed on the breaks, and suddenly she was up on top of the hood and then disappeared onto the street.  i was sitting on our third floor terrace talking to my roommate.  i jumped up thinking i needed to call 911, and up popped the little girl.  she continued running across the street as if nothing had happened.  the man driving the car got out to see if she was okay.  his heart must have stopped and sunk into his stomach.  it was every bit of horrifying.  she was playing with a bunch of other kids.  her mother came out to check on her and talk to the man who was probably still in shock.  i was.  a little while later the little girl was showing off what were probably scratches on her back from the asphalt.  man, she was lucky and so was he.  i’m glad it turned out the way it did.  if it had turned out differently, i’d be sitting in a therapist’s office right now.

it reminds me of the time i fell down a half flight of stairs backwards in the dark with a cup of hot tea in my hand.  i landed on my sitting bone which was bruised for a short time after, constantly reminding me how lucky i was.  my friends were convinced i had a guardian angel.  maybe.  there was something miraculous about it.  just a week or two before, my mom fell down a flight of stairs in her house with my 1-year old nephew in her arms.  she broke her back and split her head open.  she’s totally fine, made a full recovery in half the time they predicted.  my nephew didn’t have a scratch or a bruise.

whatever the reasons for evading tragedy, i am thankful.


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