sugar and eggs and zombies.

ok, so i’m almost done with this book, and then i’ll move on, hopefully to something equally if not more entertaining and wonderful.  on my way home tonight, i caught this, which perhaps captures the essence of william dufty’s voice.  i love him.  if he weren’t dead and/or born the same year as my grandmother, i would want to marry him.

so here it is, on eggs.

“Natural fertile eggs, in England these are free range eggs laid by chickens allowed to pick their own food, and sterile eggs, the kind laid by zombie chickens trapped in assembly line prison hatcheries.  If a hen sits on a fertile egg (the kind you used to be able to get in the country), it will turn into a baby chicken.  If a hen sits on a sterile egg, it will turn into a stinking mess.  A good egg is hard to find.  The other kind are usually available at the supermarket.”

i think “zombie chickens trapped in assembly line prison hatcheries” is my favorite part.

i realize this book was published in 1975 and it was a #1 bestseller, but there are so many films that have come out in the last few years (including in the last few months) that wouldn’t be necessary if people were paying attention to this book now.  it’s still totally relevant.  someone please turn it into a film.

this segment was on 60 minutes last sunday, claiming “new research” that has come out of “America’s most respected institutions” has shown that “sugar is toxic”.  i mean, seriously, william dufty would be rolling in his grave.  people have known sugar is toxic for a long time, before he published this book.  much research has been done.  real studies.  dogs died and prisoners got sick after experiments with sugar.  and so much more.  how can people respect these institutions that are clearly so behind with their research?  and why do we need dr. sanjay gupta for practical advice?  (not that there’s anything wrong with sanjay, but really?!!!)  i’ll do my own experiments with food and my body, thank you.  it’s not just the assembly line chickens that are zombies.

somehow i caught this today, which is just another can of worms.  a woman feeding her beauty queen daughter straight sugar to pep her up.  not only will this little girl likely be fucked up physically, she’s got great potential for psychological problems as well.  and i suppose all of it is judgmental, and maybe i’m the asshole, but probably some spiritual issues as well.  after all, we all have our own challenges, which we may have chosen.  i suppose i can be just grateful my mother didn’t subject me to this, and i will show the same respect for any life i care for in this world.


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