plant, sprout, grow.

a month or so ago i planted some arugula, borage, and lavender from seed.

after just a few days the arugula sprouted.

so did the borage, although at this point i wasn’t sure if it was the borage or lavender.

as it turns out, the lavender never sprouted (i may plant some more), but the arugula and borage have gone crazy!

i ate some of the arugula last night (and this morning).  some of the leaves are a little spicy.  i love them!  i especially love eating straight out of the garden.

i can’t wait for the borage leaves to bloom!

my mom sent these purple beans to me from texas.

so this morning i planted them.


i need to find a stick to plant in the center of the pot until i can train them to go to the railing.  hopefully they sprout!



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