ordinary magic

recently, i’ve been giving more of my attention to my dreams, waking and sleeping.  a couple of weeks ago on my way home late at night, i was deep in thought.  thinking of how disappointed i was that a relationship that seemingly had so much potential didn’t work out,  i felt betrayed that this person i trusted completely disappeared from my life.  it  made me question what i was doing with him in the first place.  my thoughts were interrupted.  from across the street a dog was running straight towards me barking viciously.

i had spent time over the last couple weeks working through exercises to let go of the anger, sadness, and hurt i felt.  i worked on breathing deeply, meditating, and writing.  i went to a dance class, immersed myself in books.

all of those things i did were helpful, but it wasn’t until after i screamed “NO!” with every fiber of my being twice at this scary dog that i really felt a release.  the dog backed off and ran back across the street.  i was relieved, not just because i wasn’t attacked, but because i realized that i needed to scream.  i didn’t only feel relieved, i felt empowered.  i felt closer to being myself again.

that night while sleeping, there were bulldogs in my dream.  friendly dogs, we were just hanging out.  in the morning i looked to see what bulldogs symbolize.  “…that some protective force is helping you move forward in life.”  it was reassuring.  most of the time i am aware of the connectivity of the universe at large, but i think i needed a reminder.  i needed to reconnect.

the same source says about viciously barking dogs:  “…conflict within yourself,  may also indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness.”

paying attention to the ordinary, everyday magic of the universe makes me feel whole.  it’s a special treat.  this is what life is, a dream, a gift.  the magic is all around us all the time.


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