three years in new york

i realized the other day that if i had moved northwest to seattle (my first choice) in 2009 instead of NY, it would have been a supportive direction.  i don’t know what my life would be like, but i wouldn’t trade what i’ve got, where i am, or the amazing transformation i experienced for anything.   i’m happy to be in NY.  if i hadn’t moved here, i would have missed out on great lectures, trips to the connecticut woods, the retreat upstate, to name a few.  it’s been an amazing ride.  i would have missed out on all the magic that happened.  it was meant to be, for sure.

i’ve been here nearly 3 years now.  i have a great apartment (just need my cat living with me again).  it is such a warm and comfortable feeling to not be moving.  i’ve connected with amazing new friends.  i’ve learned more than i ever could have imagined about myself and life.  my work situation isn’t steady, but it never has been.  who knows what the future holds.  i’m optimistic.  for me, it seems like having a place to be still is a great start.

i’ll do my best to not ever move in a non-supportive direction again, that’s for sure.  if i have no choice and it’s a far distance, i’ll be mindful.


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