had some family visiting over the weekend.  they wanted to go to the WTC memorial.  hadn’t been down there since it opened up last year.  it’s really quite beautiful and mostly quiet.  obviously quite sad.  i think it will be a much nicer place to visit when it’s opened up  and the trees and grass have matured.  as it is now, you have to go through a maze before going through security. eventually i think you’ll be able to enter from the street, maybe once all the buildings on the site are complete.

i couldn’t help googling the names of the people listed in the photos.  bennett lawson fisher worked for fiduciary trust company international.  he was only 58.  he had two kids and a wife.  judith berquis diaz sierra and emy de la peña were best friends.  they were only 32.  emy had a 1-year old baby girl.  robert mattson worked at the WTC when it was bombed in 1993.

godwin forde’s daughter arrived from london to come live with him in brooklyn just 9 days before he died.  he worked as a private security guard for merrill lynch.  brett frieman was only 29.  he didn’t even work at the WTC, but had been staying at the marriot close by and maybe went to help.

it’s definitely a somber place.  so difficult to fathom the horror that took place here 11 years ago.

james rathkey was a handsome man who had a wife and three kids.  he was in the south tower when it collapsed.  there’s an article in ny magazine about his daughter emma.  2,752 children under 18 lost a parent that day.

i’m glad they didn’t build skyscrapers on this sacred ground where nearly 3,000 people met horrific deaths.  i think the design by michael arad, “reflecting absence” is fitting and appropriate.  the negative spaces clearly communicate absence, what so many people were left with afterwards.  the sound of the water is peaceful.  the way all the names are listed reminds me a little of the vietnam memorial.    from a distance, the walls of the waterfall remind me of  the old towers.


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