unicorns and rainbows

not every day can be all unicorns and rainbows.  this morning on the walk to the train, i stepped on a doo log left by  a large neighborhood dog.  i have blisters on both of my heels from the boots i wore yesterday.  my right ankle is sore, probably from the rigorous weekend hike.  oh, and tamari from my lunch container spilled in my bag.  to top it all off, i was offered a free bible, twice, before entering the gates at the bastion of liberalism where i work.  a mutiny was underway when i arrived in the office.  then, i somehow messed up my sudoku puzzle with half of it left to go…and it’s an easy one.  it’s not even 10 o’clock yet!  i hope this not an indication of more trouble to come.  all i can do is laugh about it, none of these bumps will completely ruin this beautiful fall day.

it could be much, much worse.

i could have fallen in the dog poo or gotten it on my jeans and then be smelling it all day.  the blisters will heal, and i don’t have to walk around or stand all day.  my ankle is less sore now than it was before.  i can start the puzzle over or move on to the crossword.  only a little tamari leaked out, the bag can be washed, nothing was ruined. there are worse things than being offered a free bible, i suppose.


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