autumn is here!  hooray. just made some soup in my new stock pot.

from the farmer’s market on 114/broadway: chard, daikon, carrots, zucchini, onion.  plus: wakame, chickpea miso.  i think that’s it.  i added a little green onion and a tiny bit of ginger for garnish.  the ginger is starting to go bad, so i added the onion that’s been growing on my window sill. consolation. looking forward to this week’s market.  although, i’m feeling like it’s time to do a brown rice fast.  so i may do that first.  the other day i made apple and raisin with millet dessert with a huge winesap apple from the same market.  so so good.  mostly because the millet was cooked just right.  cheers to cooking adventures.  this is my favorite cooking time of year.


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