mirror magic

when i moved into this apartment, a mirror hung in the hallway by the front door.  the front door is actually in the middle of the apartment.  stairs leading to it create a missing space in the career area of the apartment.  when one of my roommates moved out, i hoped she wouldn’t take the mirror with her because i didn’t want to have to buy a new one.  i knew we needed a mirror to “cure” the missing space.

while she left the mirror, she did take her beautiful paintings. one of them, a large one, which covered one of the walls in the living room nicely.  a month or so after her exit, we still hadn’t come up with something to fill the space.  i got to thinking about the missing space in the career area and the mirror.

hanging in the hallway, the mirror reflects a closet door.  the hallway is only 2 1/2 feet wide, so it’s sort of a waste of a large mirror.  moving it to the wall where the large painting once hung, the mirror reflects the sliding glass door (large windows) and a bunch of plants (life).  it also reflects the large open space of the living area, giving the illusion that not only is there no missing space in the career area of the apartment; it is filled with life, light, and open space. it reflects the whole world outside the apartment.  (really just the building across the street and some sky…but still…)

(it’s difficult to see the plants in the photo.  i’ll take a photo in the daytime with my SLR. )

the change took a little getting used to.  at first it was a little disorienting seeing the reflection in what used to be sort of dead/dull space.  it really activates the space.  i enjoy seeing what it reflects when sitting in the living area.  i also notice a difference in how i feel when i walk down the hallway.  it was like i was trying to avoid knocking into it before, now the hallway feels clear.  needless to say, i’m kind of proud of myself and happy with the transformation.

and here it is in daylight:

still difficult to see the plants, but the mirror sees them!

i suppose it could be a double edged sword:  reflecting the table where i sometimes work, doubling the work…but i think the benefits outweigh it.  the work i do here is enjoyable, so doubling it may not be a problem.


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