growing plants

sedum seiboldii, or october daphne.

it was just a little thing when it was given to me by someone who thought it was going to die. nice, right? but hey: one person’s trash, another’s treasure. it has thrived on my terrace! i’m hoping the clippings i cut will root so i can plant them and keep them inside. more plants! i need something to balance all the aloe, it really goes crazy.  the other plants are thriving as well.  last week i moved one of the small pots with aloe right outside our door to put some life at the entrance.

it is a nice welcome home.

today, i moved a larger pot out to the first landing.  we’re lucky to have a stairwell with a skylight, seems like a waste not to have any plants growing.

it looks a little diminutive, but it will be basking in the soft light from the skylight and welcoming us home while it grows.  better than the empty space, and it sort of distracts from the dreadful paint job on the wall.  (i also scrubbed the stairs, because that’s not been done (maybe) ever.)

so, we’ll see how they all fare.  the bigger issue is finding some more pots, because there is always more space to fill with life.

one of my favorite things about the apartment when i moved in to the space was all the plants.

so it looks a little different now, but the corner of the room is still full of life.  thankfully, my roommate who moved out left several of them. the large cactus in the center had been growing for 7 years!  i got a clipping from it, and it’s doing well. i got clippings of other plants too, so it’s just a matter of letting them grow. there’s something really gratifying watching plants grow. there’s also something really comforting about a space with lots of plants.


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