cutting chi

sharp edges are painful, especially when you bump into them; but they can also create discomfort subliminally. we have some cutting chi in our apartment and here are some solutions i used:

this desk is situated in a corner. it creates an elevated surface for plants, storage space for a window unit during non-summer months, and storage for extra potting materials.

notice the bare corner, which cuts directly through the center of the round table where we gather. (and directly through the back of the person sitting in seat closest to it.)

by hanging a piece of cork (left behind by my roommate who moved out, thankfully, because i love it) to cover some of the surface area and moving the plant forward so that its leaves cover the remaining edge, the cutting energy is diminished.

another spot with a similar issue :

the edge of the desk in the studio cuts directly across impacting the other two seats at the table where we gather. fortunately, curtains are already in place. they just need to be adjusted so the corner is covered from view.

the remaining issue: the edge on the small white bookcase. i want a plant to cover it, but it’s not quite there yet. it will grow.


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