i hope i don’t sleep through the hurricane. how could that happen? i had a cappuccino yesterday afternoon. it kept me up all night. i wish i could blame it on the caffeine, but it’s my own fault. i can’t believe i didn’t learn my lesson last year. this time is worse. i’ve rested, but i have not gotten a single hour of sleep. it’s horrible. i’m doomed to feel like a crack head all day. and i could miss the frankenstorm! after all the hype and anticipation. i can’t sleep through it!

about a year ago i had a cappuccino late in the afternoon on a fairly empty stomach. it was small, but i drank it quickly. not on purpose, it all just worked out that way. on my way back to my apartment, i thought my heart was going to explode on the train. it was like a bad trip, or what i imagine a bad trip to be. i felt hot and sweaty, anxious, not well. the train was the last place i wanted to be. i needed fresh, cool air. i needed to feel calm. i arrived home reasonably early in the evening. around mid-night i got a second wind, even though my body wanted nothing more than to sleep. 4 hours later, still wide awake, mind racing. i somehow managed to fall asleep for a few hours, but it was horrible. you’d think i’d never have caffeine again, but i do occasionally.

i drink decaf tea regularly in the morning and sometimes at night. kukicha,tulsi, rose.  jasmine (my favorite) has a little, but i rarely drink it anymore. (it also kept me up late once, that’s how i found out it was caffeinated.) every once in awhile though, i like to have a cappuccino. it just wouldn’t feel right living in NY and never having a cappuccino.

yesterday,  i had to get out of the apartment. the thought of being stuck inside until wednesday because of the hurricane was too much. i walked over to espresso 77, which i had yet to check out. i guess i wasn’t thinking. i think i was thinking i had a full stomach and it wouldn’t be a problem. i was totally wrong. not a wink of sleep. at least i was able to close my eyes and rest, but still.



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