superstorm frankencane

from my apartment in queens, it was just a big storm. a tree branch at the end of my street fell. it was a large branch, but the soft wood didn’t seem to do any damage. i broke off several pieces, brought them upstairs and put them in water. here are a couple of small pieces.

we never lost power, but it did sound like we had a ghost in the apartment. the wind howled and the walls creaked. sometimes it seemed like the roof might come off, but i never felt scared or unsafe.

millions of people were not so lucky. some lost power for several days. some lost their homes to fire, flooding, or wind. some lost loved ones, children even. total devastation. unfathomable devastation. the kind that leaves people without words to describe it.

some people are still without power a week later. then there’s the gas shortage, lost wages. total crisis. and the election, god. it will never end. there can’t be a single person who isn’t ready for it to be over. and the coming nor’easter. what horrible timing.

i went to a halloween party friday evening. on the train i saw the man with no legs scooting himself across the train car with his coffee can full of change. i held back tears, but it wasn’t easy. it was a painful reminder that things were not so great for many before this disaster.

quite remarkable is how efficient the MTA and NYPD were. and how civilized most people were. but as jon stewart pointed out, they were just functioning the way they were designed or expected to (competently). still, i’m grateful and impressed. it could have been an even bigger disaster. of course, it hasn’t completely unfolded yet. and they are still recovering bodies. more people will probably die of hypothermia. and there are people stuck in powerless buildings who can’t get out. what will happen to them?

here are some useful links for volunteers and donations.

also this video is pretty powerful.


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