revised 2nd edition

i published the revised 2nd edition of my book, life is but a dream, the other day. yay! the cover is the same, but i changed the fonts, did some editing, and corrected some typos. i added an acknowledgments page and dedicated it. i’m so pleased with it. i’ve planned a book signing in dallas at the end of december. unfortunately, i don’t arrive there until christmas eve, so i’m hoping my friends will put my book in their holiday budget.

i carry it around with me everywhere and often have the opportunity to pull it out to show it off. last week after showing it to someone (who read the whole thing!), i got some really great feedback. it was really wonderful to hear what she took from it. i felt honored that she sat and read the whole thing. she said she couldn’t put it down. it put a smile on my face.  here’s what the cover looks like:


here you can see a preview of some of the pages.

it’s $30 with just regular paper, but $33 with premium. i like the premium matte finish paper, i’ve done both matte and luster.


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