rainy day playlist

i’ve got the rainy day playlist working on this day that promises snow. it includes such songs as:

muddy waters:long distance call, i’m your hoochie coochie man, baby please don’t go

jolie holland:goodbye california, old fashioned morphine, damn shame

belle and sebastian:dress up in you, the state i’m in, judy and the dream of horses

sam cooke:you send me, cupid, bring it on home

otis redding:pain in my heart, i’ve been loving you too long, these arms of mine


sarah harmer:lodestar

the decemberists:oceanside, angel won’t you call me, apology song, sons and daughters

the weakerthans:my favourite chords (or as i like to think of it, the one where the mayor is out killing kids)

the flaming lips:lightning strikes the postman, brainville, christmas at the zoo

louis armstrong:la vie en rose, when you’re smiling

and more. it is complimenting my tulsi rose tea nicely.




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