life of wallet, celebrated

i bought this wallet in 2002 at a little head shop in plano called retro revolution.  it was a place that didn’t exist when i was in high school, seemed like a big deal at the time. they sold bongs, in plano. and beautiful glass jewelry, i still have a piece i bought there.

the wallet was $10. i bought it because i lost the indigo yak wool coin purse i’d had for only a short time. there was an era of my early adulthood when i lost my wallet all the time. (i think i got the indigo yak wool coin purse at emeralds to coconuts in dallas. it was summertime when i lost it, so i must have only had it a month or two.) my maryland driver license was in the indigo yak wool coin purse,  problematic because i’d moved back to texas. all of this was so long ago, i was a different person then.

so here the trusty little durable velcro hemp wallet is, 11 years later. a little bit worn, but still totally functional. it’d probably last another 11 years if i wanted it to, but it’s time to move on.  i can’t believe it never got lost, that might be more amazing than its durability.


i stumbled upon a tibetan store walking down 2nd avenue the other day. i used to live in the neighborhood, but never noticed it. probably better that way, he’s got so many great things inside. at some point i have to go back to get the telescope and compass, but i couldn’t pass up this coin purse (and a couple of scarves and a magic skirt).



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