when i was little i always had to sit in the backseat because my sister faked being car sick so she could sit in the front seat. since living in new york and taking cabs, i realize i feel most comfortable in the back seat. it’s a great way to ride around.


the fun thing about a cab adventure is the conversation with the cabbie. last night, i asked him how his night was going. slow, because of the jewish holiday he told me. he seemed a little put out that there are so many jewish holidays. personally, i think it’s awesome.


i don’t find myself in a cab often, but i love the ride back home from park slope, especially the view of manhattan on the BQE. unfortunately, it’s a bumpy road, so at night the photos don’t turn out really well.




i attended an alumni social event this evening. my expectations were low, so i wasn’t disappointed. i left early only to find out it was pouring rain, i did not have an umbrella. there’s no duane reade near the plaza hotel. i think the closest one is at 6th and 57th.

i huddled under the scaffolding waiting for the rain to stop until it seemed like it wouldn’t. i decided i would try to hitchhike my way to lex and 63rd. (it’s closer than lex and 53rd from the plaza hotel.) made eye contact with a guy wearing some pretty fly headphones and more importantly carrying an umbrella.

i asked where he was going. he said lexington. i asked if i could walk with him. he said sure.

i told him it’s okay if you want to listen to your headphones. he said, nah.

we walked. under his umbrella. it was still raining.

i asked what he was listening to on his headphones. he told me some house.

i asked him if he’d ever hitchhiked before. he said no. i said me neither. he said but it’s a crazy city ya know.

i had a big smile on my face because it was my first time hitchhiking. he seemed to be enjoying it, too.

he asked me where are you going. i said lex and 63rd. he said i’m going to zara.

he said that was a fun experience. i said thank you so much. we shook hands.

it was only a light drizzle at this point. he crossed the street. i walked to the end of the block and crossed.

i love new york.