meatpacking district

love these meatpacking district photos from 1985/2013 from brian rose.



the fortunate blessings trauma team is headed back to japan in just a couple of weeks.  i’m trying to raise some funds so i can go too and turn it into a photo project documenting the courage and resilience the children there have.  not only will there be photographs accompanied by narratives, but i’m also going to keep a personal journal to make a mixed media book after the trip.

for those of you who don’t know, fortunate blessings is a non-profit, non-faith based organization with an extraordinary record helping people heal from post traumatic stress disorder after natural disasters.  the trauma team facilitates dynamic workshops that had an enormous impact on the kids when they were there in may.  you can see some photos here.

the march 11 earthquake and tsunami displaced 300,000 people.  while the mainstream media has all but abandoned the stories from japan, the mental health challenges there are still very real to the people especially in areas where the release of radiation from the fukushima nuclear power plant and the constant shaking of the earth continue to create stress and suffering.

this is what i’m offering for your generous donations:

donate $1-5:  shout out thank you on twitter 

donate $10:  all of the above + acknowledgment in book

donate $25:  all of the above + email directly from one of the volunteers with a photo image + handwritten thank you note from me  

donate $50:  all of the above + silkscreened organic cotton tote (with image from trip)

donate $150:  all of the above + 8 x 10 signed print from trip + an email directly from one of the children with a photo image

donate $250:  all of the above + original handmade piece of journal

donate $500:  all of the above + video chat hello from japan with the volunteers

you can make a secure donation via paypal.  a donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated and make a difference.  my email addy is

you just log on and hit the send button with the amount you’d like to donate.

you can also make a donation directly to fortunate blessings.  it’s a 501c3.  (tax deductible)

you can also visit their site and learn more about the work and previous trip.